Iconic Bowing Elements: Fiddle Tunes


**Iconic Bowing Elements will be offered as a 6-week online course using the platform Zoom. Instructions for using Zoom will be sent upon registration**

This class will help you to absorb fiddle tunes learned by ear, and you’ll learn how the
elements of bowing inform the notes and phrasing in a tune. It’s a bit different approach than the “up-down” type of learning tunes: more focus on how the notes are made with both hands, rather than the left hand first and then the right. We’ll play in standard tuning, but if enough students want to do some tunes in cross-tuning, we will include some in the repertoire. For those who took the summer session of Iconic Bowing, we will be learning new tunes! (We may make one exception for a very special tune that we worked on this summer.)

Class level: Intermediate or beyond is ideal. If you feel you are nearly at an intermediate level, you will get a lot out of this class too.

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Iconic Bowing Elements: Fiddle Tunes

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