Delta Blues Slide Guitar

Delta Blues Slide Guitar

This course will focus specifically on the slide playing of early 20th century Delta blues guitarists such as Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson and Charley Patton.  A brief history of the genre and keynote players will be covered before moving on to more technical aspects of the music.  Open tunings, left hand slide technique, palm muting, finger-picking, and drop-thumb rhythm will be covered in detail.  Structural aspects of early blues music will also be covered, such as the 12-bar form and common I-IV-V chord progression.  These skills and concepts will be applied to learning a few classic blues songs.  Students should come prepared with an acoustic guitar, thumb-pick and slide (glass, chrome, brass, porcelain are all OK.) 
Prerequisite: Guitar 3

Collections: Classes, Colin Graham, Guitar, Monday

Instructor: Colin Graham

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