Ear Training Level II

Ear Training Level II

Have you ever wanted to play what you hear? Understand chord progressions from instinct? Learn fiddle tunes in real time with no notation? We are offering an ear training class at the Folk School for the first time. This will be a two-session class that will dive into all aspects of playing music by ear. Recognizing pitch, rhythms, keys and musical phrases.

Ear Training is an invaluable tool for any musician who wants to sing or play anything he or she hears. Through a progressive series of interactive exercises, learn how to recognize pitches and intervals, repeat complex rhythms and play back musical phrases and complete solos after only one hearing! Beginners and professionals alike, regardless of instrument or style of music, will develop invaluable skills and expand their musical consciousness.

Over the years, I’ve taken quite a few general ear training classes and had both positive and negative experiences. I will say though; no formal ear training class gave me the ear training tools and techniques I truly needed to develop as an improviser. The specific aspects that make ear training different than are rarely talked about, or even given thought to, so most people teaching ear training typically teach ear training in one general way. It’s not difficult or magical. It’s simple and repetitive, taking the sounds, you want to get familiar with and ingraining them on a deeper and deeper level until they click.

All instruments and ability levels welcome!

Prerequisite: Ear Training Level I

Collections: Andy Novara, Classes, Ensemble, Monday

Instructor: Andy Novara

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