Saturday Sessions

Saturday Sessions are short workshops offered each Saturday at 11:00 AM CT on the Folk School Facebook page. Saturday Sessions features instructors from across the country offering instrument, vocal, and dance workshops. Free to join in, no Facebook account necessary.
Sponsored by the Missouri Arts Council.



Saturday Sessions Archives

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"Old Yeller Dog Come Trottin' Through the Meetin' House" on mandolin w/ Lukas Simpson

"Liberty" Doc Watson Style w/ Andy Novara 

Hank Williams w/ Neil Salsich

Fiddle Tunes w/ Charlie Walden

"Buckeye Jim" w/ Lukas Simpson

Mandolin Tremolo w/ Andy Novara

The Beatles w/ Neil Salsich 

"Old Chattanooga" for Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar w/ Lukas Simpson

Skip Gorman's "Salt River" w/ Lukas Simpson

"Louisiana Hornpipe" w/ Charlie Walden

Songs of Bob Dylan w/ Neil Salsich

Songs of Paul Simon w/ Neil Salsich

Songs of Chuck Berry w/ Neil Salsich 

Ookpik Waltz w/ Charlie Walden

Popular Fiddle Tunes: Old Grimes w/ Lukas Simpson

Songs of Neil Young w/ Neil Salsich

Popular Fiddle Tunes w/ Lukas Simpson 

Songs of the Grateful Dead w/ Neil Salsich

Charlie Christian Guitar w/ Andy Novara 

Fingerstyle Guitar 101 w/ Neil Salsich 

Popular Fiddle Tunes II w/ Lukas Simpson

Intro to Guitar Set up and Maintenance w/ Jacob Alspach

Songs of The Band w/ Neil Salsich 

Intro to Rock 'N Roll Guitar w/ Jacob Alspach

Western Swing Guitar Styles w/ Andy Novara

Popular Fiddle Tunes w/ Lukas Simpson

Double Stops for Fiddle and Mandolin w/ Andy Novara 

The Beatles w/ Neil Salsich

Western Swing w/ Neil Salsich

Hearing Chord Changes w/ Jacob Alspach

Bob Dylan w/ Neil Salsich 

John Hartford w/ Neil Salsich

Mandolin in Any Key Part 2 w/ Lukas Simpson

Guitar Stylings of Tony Rice w/ Andy Novara 

Banjo Hang in the "weird f" tuning w/ Clarke Wyatt

Spice Up Your Solos with Chordal Notes w/ Jacob Alspach

Willie Nelson w/ Neil Salsich 

Old-time Backup Guitar w/ Howard Rains & Tricia Spencer

John Hartford's West Fork Gals Part 1 w/ Betse Ellis   Part 2

Mandolin in Any Key w/ Lukas Simpson 

Virtual Jam w/ Andrew Morris

Bluegrass/Old-time Connections for Guitarists w/ Mark Kilianski 

Don Reno Banjo Techniques w/ Andy Novara

Jazz for Beginners w/ Neil Salsich 

Chording Up the Neck w/ Jacob Alspach 

Valentine's Day Serenades w/ Lukas Simpson

Fiddle Bow Rhythm Exercises w/ Amy Alvey 

Race & Heritage in American Music w/ Joe Seamons 

Fiddle Class Preview w/ Betse Ellis 

Old-time Harmonica w/ Willi Carlisle 

The Beatles w/ Neil Salsich 

Frank Wakefield's "New Camptown Races" w/ Andy Novara 

"Blues Stay Away From Me" for guitarists and vocalists w/ Miss Tess 

Up Your Clawhammer Banjo Game w/ Leela Grace

How to Learn a Song w/ Sabra Guzmán 

Playing Chord Progressions and Melodies by Ear w/ Jacob Alspach 

Clawhammer Fundamentals w/ Lukas Simpson

Melodic Improvisation w/ Thomas Bryan Eaton

What's That Tune? w/ Charlie Walden

Jeff City for Mandolin, or How to Get Along with Something You Hate... The Metronome w/ Andrew Morris

Carter Family Harmony Singing Workshop w/ Evie Ladin

Gene Goforth's "Hamilton Ironworks w/ Betse Ellis

Country Rags w/ Aaron Jonah Lewis

Backing Up Tunes and Songs on the Guitar w/ Clarke Wyatt

Open Tunings 101 w/ Neil Salsich

Fiddle Styles for Mandolin w/ Andy Novara

Songs of Utah Phillips w/ Blake Korte

Mississippi Waltz and Roxanna Waltz on the Mandolin w/ Lukas Simpson