Bluegrass Ensemble

Bluegrass Ensemble

Open to mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, stand up bass, dobro and fiddle, and singers. In this class, we'll focus specifically on how to play bluegrass music with other people. Traditional bluegrass and bluegrass players operate with a very specific set of "rules" of improvisation and back up playing. Most Bluegrass jam sessions assume that players know these rules. We'll learn how to play proper back up, when to take a solo, how to play melodies together, and the right time in a song to do each. 

We'll learn how to develop interesting solos, play the melody, and work on kick off's and endings. Bluegrass ensemble will also look at the basics of singing bluegrass and bluegrass harmonies. By the end of the class we'll have learned a number of traditional bluegrass tunes together and be sounding like a real band, and you'll be more prepared to join jams and parking lot pickers with your new skills! 

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Instructor: Graham Curry

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