Wednesday Fiddle Tune Jam



Every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:30 - 9:00 PM CT on the Folk School Facebook Page.

Folk School is thrilled to partner with Patt & Possum (a.k.a Patt Plunkett and Charlie Walden) for a monthly online fiddle tunes session featuring Missouri and Midwestern repertoire.

All are welcome to join in these free sessions. Tune in on the Folk School Facebook page to join. Also multi-streamed at and on YouTube at


Fiddle Tune Jams are made possible with funding from 


About Patt & Possum:

Charlie Walden is among the major Missouri fiddle stylists of his generation. He learned his craft directly from the great Missouri fiddlers of the previous generation and cut his teeth at fiddle contests and square dances all over the state. His playing emphasizes clean noting, is highly melodic, and uses a direct and driving approach to bowing to generate rhythm for dancing. Charlie’s latest “claim to fame” is to have been the last fiddler standing at the Pembroke, ON, Pure Laine competition, not once, but twice, and the only non-Canadian fiddler ever to finish.

Charlie is ably assisted by his partner in music and life Patt Plunkett on keyboard. Patt is the “real” musician of the two. She has a master’s degree in vocal performance (that’s opera singing, by the way) and taught general music in Illinois public schools for almost 30 years. But traditional music is her real love having grown up hearing her grandfather playing the fiddle in rural Illinois. She’s led ceili bands, called square dances, and accompanied fiddlers in contests, jam sessions, and at dances.

At the start of “strange times” back in March 2020 Patt and Charlie started broadcasting nightly on YouTube mostly to friends, relatives, and neighbors and have added additional streams and events since. Be in the know and get on their mailing list. Send a message

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