Sean Barth



Believing that the love of the old-timey music is still entrenched in the hearts of the American people, and that the occasion is ever welcome that affords them the pleasure of hearing the instruments so peculiarly adapted to a proper rendering of the old melodies, with 5 string banjo and borrowed fiddle in hand Sean Barth has dedicated himself to spreading the traditional tunes and playing styles of the Midwest. He is proficient in multiple old-time banjo styles and has a formidable repertoire of rare, old tunes most of which he learned in his native state of Illinois. Sean can be seen & heard playing at dances and festivals all over the Midwest. He is also an amateur banjo builder. 

Clawhammer Banjo 1
from $180.00 Clawhammer Banjo 1
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Clawhammer Banjo 2
from $180.00 Clawhammer Banjo 2
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Two Finger Banjo
from $180.00 Two Finger Banjo
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