Neil Salsich



Neil Salsich is a St. Louis based guitarist, singer, songwriter and teacher. His musical journey began at age six when he learned how to operate his dad's stereo so he could listen to "Ramblin' Man" on repeat. He was born and raised in South St. Louis and remembers clearly the first time he performed live (at Hartford Coffee Company) at the age of 16. After returning from college in 2012 he formed a band with aspirations of maybe playing around a bit, calling themselves Acoustics Anonymous. Four years later they've traversed the country a handful of times, changed their name to The Mighty Pines, and even sold out The Old Rock House in St. Louis. He specializes in country, folk and bluegrass but incorporates many elements of funk, soul and jazz into his singing and playing. When he's not on the open road with his band, he's often found crooning at restaurants, cafes and wine bars around town. Neil is passionate about the St. Louis music scene and never dreamed he'd meet so many world class players and songwriters in his city.