Ronnie McCoury Mandolin

**Ronnie McCoury Mandolin will be offered as a 6-week online course using the platform Zoom. Instructions for using Zoom will be sent upon registration**

Ronnie McCoury is certainly one of the greatest mandolin players to ever play bluegrass music and, more than anyone else, he has skillfully succeeded in bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary approaches to our instrument. As the eldest son of Del McCoury, Ronnie was "borned and raised" to be a bluegrass musician. In this Folk School Class, we will be diving into the stylistic elements that make McCoury's playing unique among modern mandolinists. Monroe inspired lines, melodic runs, tremolo, and transcriptions of some of McCourys most famous kickoffs and breaks will be included in this class. This class will be a tab/and video class so nothing is lost to the student in translation. This being a limited session offering, enroll today! 

Level: Intermediate

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Ronnie McCoury Mandolin

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