Jennifer Roques



Jenny Roques is a singer/songwriter who grew up in rural Missouri, and has been singing around the farm ever since she could remember. 
Moving to St. Louis 2002, and playing locally since, Jenny has played many genres of music, but focuses now on older style country and historic folk tunes. 
In 2010, Jenny moved to Austin, Texas, where she helped form the country group Arson for Candy, and with that group traveled through the mid west and released an EP. It was also this time she picked up a tenor guitar and made the switch from a traditional six-string. After moving back to St. Louis in 2011, she sang with The Trio Project and she started the solo act known as Cowpuncher Jenny, and currently plays under that name. She also does guest vocal spots with many groups around town.  
Jenny's songwriting has a storytelling approach and a historic touch, and she believes that we must continue this tradition in modern music. She feels lucky to have been able to play with some of Missouri's finest musicians, as well as being able to travel around the country and learn more along the way. 
She plans to release an album later this year and is a new, first time mom, so a family band is definitely in the future.