Going Across the Tuning: Old Time Cross-Tuned Fiddle


**Going Across the Tuning will be offered as a 6-week online course using the platform Zoom. Instructions for using Zoom will be sent upon registration**

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a cross-tuned fiddle, where some (or sometimes all) of the strings are taken “across” to another pitch. Whether you have done this a lot, or you’re curious about how to go about it, this class will add to your repertoire. Most of the tunes will not be common to today’s old-time jam repertoire. 

Note: For this class, you will want to make sure your tuning pegs are in good working order.  You’ll only be in one tuning per class, and you’ll know in advance what tuning we’ll use, but the pitch change will be more than you can do with your fine tuners. So if need be, make a visit to your friendly local luthier and have them take a look at your pegs.  

Class level: Intermediate or beyond is ideal. If you feel you are nearly at an intermediate level, you will get a lot out of this class too. 

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Going Across the Tuning: Old Time Cross-Tuned Fiddle

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