Carter Family Guitar

Carter Family Guitar

The Carter Family is a traditional American folk music group that recorded between 1927 and 1956. Their music had a profound impact on bluegrass, country, Southern Gospel, pop and rock musicians the world over. Perhaps the most remarkable member of the trio was famed guitarist Maybelle Carter. Through her abilities as a guitarist she has influenced every country/folk /bluegrass player since 1927. She revolutionized the instrument's role by developing a style in which she played melody lines on the bass strings with her thumb while rhythmically strumming with her fingers. Her innovative technique, to this day known as the Carter Scratch, influenced the guitar's shift from rhythm to lead instrument. In
this Folk School Class, we will be learning the various techniques that Maybelle Carter used to great effect on the original recordings of songs such as "Wabash Cannonball", "Can the Circle Be Unbroken", "Wildwood Flower", "Keep On the Sunny Side" Please register today as this is a limited session class.

Prerequisite: Instrument 3

Collections: Andy Novara, Classes, Guitar, Thursday

Instructor: Andy Novara

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