Andy Novara



Andy Novara is a graduate of SIU Edwardsville in jazz performance. He has studied under Fareed Haque and Rick Haydon. He has been teaching and playing professionally for the last thirteen years. An accomplished guitar, banjo, and mandolin player, Novara has performed at the Windfield Bluegrass festival, New York City jazz festival, ROMP, and various other venues throughout the Midwest. Well-known for his transcription improvisation and attention to fundamentals, Novara is a sought-after instructor and freelance musician. Some of his influences include Earl Scruggs, Tony Rice, David Grier, Adam Steffey, and Jim Mills. Novara currently resides in St. Louis where he teaches and performs locally with The Kansas Street Ramblers and New Roots. With his work at The Folk School, Novara seeks to teach musicians a fundamental understanding of their instrument, a strong background in bluegrass tradition, and an ability to balance independent improvisation with group band dynamics. 
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