Folk School offers small group classes for adults and teens of all experience levels, from complete beginner through advanced. 

Classes are taught in 8-week sessions and cost $180 per session. An early-bird discount of 10% is offered prior to each session. Rental instruments are available if needed. All of the classes are offered at the Folk School, 3323 Washington Avenue. 

Folk School class curriculum is designed by class levels. Instructors will guide students as to which next class would be best for them.  Students may repeat a class until their skill level is appropriate for the next level class. If you are new to the Folk School, we can help you assess which would be the best class for you to take based on your current skill level.  Email for information.

Session Schedule:
March 20 - May 11, 2017
June 5 - July 27, 2017
August 14 - October 5, 2017

October 23 - December 14, 2017


Holiday Closures:
Martin Luther King, Jr Day
Memorial Day  
Independence Day   
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
New Year's Eve & New Year's Day


Classes: January 9 - March 2 - Currently in session
Spring Classes: March 20 - May 11 - Registration now open


Advanced Clawhammer Banjo Repertoire
$180.00 Advanced Clawhammer Banjo Repertoire
At a Glance
Alternative Roots Ensemble
from $180.00 Alternative Roots Ensemble
At a Glance
Banjo Introduction
from $180.00 Banjo Introduction
At a Glance
Beginner Jazz/Swing Guitar
from $180.00 Beginner Jazz/Swing Guitar
At a Glance
Bluegrass Banjo 1
from $180.00 Bluegrass Banjo 1
At a Glance
Bluegrass Banjo 2
from $180.00 Bluegrass Banjo 2
At a Glance
Bluegrass Banjo Repertoire
from $180.00 Bluegrass Banjo Repertoire
At a Glance
Bluegrass Ensemble
from $180.00 Bluegrass Ensemble
At a Glance
Clawhammer Banjo 1
from $180.00 Clawhammer Banjo 1
At a Glance
Clawhammer Banjo 2
from $180.00 Clawhammer Banjo 2
At a Glance
Clawhammer Banjo 3
$180.00 Clawhammer Banjo 3
At a Glance
Ensemble 1
from $180.00 Ensemble 1
At a Glance
Ensemble 2
$180.00 Ensemble 2
At a Glance
Fiddle 1
from $180.00 Fiddle 1
At a Glance
Fiddle 2
from $180.00 Fiddle 2
At a Glance
Fiddle 3
from $180.00 Fiddle 3
At a Glance
Fiddle 4
from $180.00 Fiddle 4
At a Glance
Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Guitar
from $180.00 Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Guitar
At a Glance
Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes on Guitar
from $180.00 Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes on Guitar
At a Glance
Guitar 1
from $180.00 Guitar 1
At a Glance
Guitar 2
from $180.00 Guitar 2
At a Glance
Guitar 3
from $180.00 Guitar 3
At a Glance
Guitar 4
$180.00 Guitar 4
At a Glance
Hank Williams Ensemble
from $180.00 Hank Williams Ensemble
At a Glance
Jug Band Ensemble
from $180.00 Jug Band Ensemble
At a Glance
Mandolin 1
from $180.00 Mandolin 1
At a Glance
Mandolin 2
from $180.00 Mandolin 2
At a Glance
Mandolin 3
from $180.00 Mandolin 3
At a Glance
Mandolin 4
from $180.00 Mandolin 4
At a Glance
Mandolin Repertoire
from $180.00 Mandolin Repertoire
At a Glance
Music Theory for All Instruments
$180.00 Music Theory for All Instruments
At a Glance
Old-time Ensemble
from $180.00 Old-time Ensemble
At a Glance
Plectrum Banjo Intermediate
from $180.00 Plectrum Banjo Intermediate
At a Glance
Two Finger Banjo
from $180.00 Two Finger Banjo
At a Glance
Ukulele 1
from $180.00 Ukulele 1
At a Glance
Ukulele 2
from $180.00 Ukulele 2
At a Glance